Sometimes the services you need go beyond those provided for management support, and Executive Director- or Operations Director-level services.  When that happens, we are ready, either your Executive or Operations Director, our in-house consultants or through our wide range of strategic partners, to provide what you need by way of Association Consulting.

Our Services Include


Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan and identifying initiatives to assist you in making them realities.  Our skilled facilitators work with your Board or Planning Committee and Executive or Operations Director to devise a strategic plan you can use for making important decisions and achieving your Association’s Goals and Objectives.  We can also assist with plan reviews to ensure your plan continues to reflect the reality of the world in which you operate.

Operations Planning

Your strategic plan sets out long-term objectives and outlines implementations to accomplish them.  An operations plan looks at the coming year in detail and specifies actions to be taken in support of the plan.  It deals with specific initiatives in marketing, membership, communications and finance, and is closely tied to your budget Your Executive or Operations Director can assist you with all of this.


The way powers are balanced between different stakeholder groups, along with issues of legal compliance, and the way powers are used by the various stakeholders is all governance. If you feel your organization could work better with a different governance structure, you may want to investigate using one of our governance consultants. Finding the best way for your Association to operate requires professional help if it is to be effective and meet legal requirements.


Sometimes the best way to grow an Association is to merge with another, comparable one.  This may be a result of too many Associations serving the same target group, relationships that have grown past the strategic partnership stage, or an essential duplication of membership and services between two or more Associations.  However it comes about, it definitely requires professional guidance from Association specialists to make it happen in a way that respects both partners and ensures a smoothly operating entity at the end of the process.  We have the expertise, tested through actual Association mergers, to make this happen for you, if it is appropriate.

We can also offer a variety of other specialist services, depending on your needs.  Your Executive Director or Operations Director can help you identify the best way of meeting those needs.