To assist you in managing your Association better, even if you choose not to become an Association Concepts client, we’ve developed some freely-available resources. 

Board Evaluation

a tool to gauge the effectiveness of your Board of Directors, and to allow you to track improvements over time.

Executive Director Evaluation

how well is your chief staff person performing?  This tool enables you to measure his/her performance. 

Risk Management

there are two kinds of risk which you, as a Director of an Association, should be concerned:  internal and external.  These checklists help you determine your risk profile and appetite.

Strategic Planning

setting a sound course for the future is essential.  This document provides an overview of the process. 

Financial Literacy for Association Directors

all Directors should have a sound grasp of the basic financial functions.  This document serves as a good grounding for new and current Directors. 

Guide for New Directors

bring your new Directors up to speed quickly with this handy guide. 

Government Relations

working with governments to promote the goals of your Association is an important function, and one in which Canadian Associations are increasingly engaging.  This guide provides some basic information to assist you in this area.