Association Management Services

Using our concept of Shared Professional Resources, we can assist you to manage your organization for results, maximize your opportunities and stretch your resources. 

Why Association Management?

As a member of an Association, you may find yourself in a position where you are looking for professional management without further straining your already stretched resources:  people, money and expertise.  If so, you are not alone – according to Statistics Canada, there are over 160,000 Associations in this country, the vast majority of which are in the same situation.  They need the benefits of experienced management, both for day-to-day operations and for special events, but do not have the resources to meet their needs.  What do most Associations want?

In addition, some Associations have other specific needs:

When faced with limited human, financial and expertise resources, most Canadian Associations, however, find it difficult to meet their needs through volunteer or limited part-time management, and cannot afford to set up offices and hire full-time experienced staff.