Membership & Finance

Your ability to manage your Association is only as good as the information you get.  Step up to the Association Concepts system and really help your dollars make sense.


Without a strong membership, your Association will have no reason for being.  Association Concepts Inc.. has a long history of helping clients build and manage their membership, thereby increasing the Association’s strength.

In developing your Association, our approach is to determine what potential members want, help you provide that, and then communicate it to them so they will know how they can benefit from joining you.  Our membership development and management services include:

  • Answering the question, “What’s in it for me” for potential members
  • Assisting you in identifying and providing the member services most in demand
  • Developing member recruitment materials (letters, website, brochures) consistent with your identified marketing approach, always “on-message”
  • Monitor and process new member applications, in accordance with your policy
  • Develop and maintain a membership database, including membership enquiries, to provide you with valuable, up-to-date statistical information on current and potential members
  • Manage your annual renewal process, including developing a unique membership mailing each year

We use state-of-the-art hardware and software to manage your membership, and provide high-quality data warehousing and analysis to ensure you capitalize on all your opportunities to grow your membership.  Our membership department also responds to membership enquiries and requests promptly and professionally, conveying the correct message of their importance to you.


Controlling your Association’s funds is a major job, and can be a complex one as well.  Perhaps until now, you have been making do with something that is easy to maintain, but doesn’t give you the information you need.  Our professional accounting staff can ensure your statements give you the information you want to operate your organization effectively.  Working with your team leader, they will provide a variety of valuable services:

  • Develop a financial reporting structure that will give you the information you need, when you need it
  • Provide you with a no-hassle, interest bearing account yielding above-average interest rates on amounts over $5,000, while preserving full liquidity
  • Eliminate your cash-management headaches through sound budgeting and monthly financial statements
  • Prepare and monitor an annual budget and provide you with ongoing budget-to-actual comparisons
  • Monitor receivables and payables
  • Convert cash-basis statements to accrual-basis at year-end
  • Work with your auditors in their audit or review of your statements