Your Team Leader

The way your team functions is heavily dependent on its leader.  While we will, with your input on the specific skill set you require, select the best person from our Senior Staff to head your TEAM, the role that person plays – Executive Director or Operations Director – is a major influence on the ways we can achieve your goals and objectives.

Executive Director

Also known as your Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, your Executive Director is the leading staff person charged with executing the plans and programs developed by your Board.  S/he is the key staff ally of your organization within our company, and supervises all other staff resources.

You may rely on your Executive Director to represent your Association with its various stakeholder groups and, if you are part of a larger national or international organization, with your peers at those levels.  An Executive Director can, just by virtue of the title, raise the profile of your Association and give you extra prestige when dealing with other groups, and particularly with strategic alliance partners.

An Executive Director can be a key component in your Association’s growth and success, and we can match you with the person you need.

Operations Director

Some organizations decide that the high-level service provided by an Executive Director is not right for them, and opt instead for an Operations Director.  The skills required of such an individual are different than those of an Executive Director.  However, to keep you focused on key initiatives identified by your Board, an Operations Director, who manages “your” staff, represents you to members and follows-up on key decisions, may be exactly what you need.

An Operations Director may be the appropriate choice for your Association.  Every member of our management team has the skills necessary for this important function, and acts in this capacity for clients.  Particularly if you do not require full-time executive involvement to ensure your success, this may be the right choice for you.