A big part of your success!

Prompt, courteous administrative staff conveys the correct image of your Association. 

Foundation Management

Many organizations have foundations as adjuncts.  If your Association has such a foundation, we can assist with its management by:

  • Providing an infrastructure for grant applications
  • Ensuring that grant evaluations are in accordance with foundation guidelines
  • Monitoring and managing successful projects
  • Providing meeting support and regular financial reports

Thanks to our experience in this area, we are able to help you keep on top of foundation processes and avoid any common regulatory pitfalls.

Strategic Alliances

Strong strategic alliances are a useful way to assist your Association to extend its presence and to grow.  We have developed our own such alliances, and are well-placed to understand and assist you in the process for your organization.  Working with you, we can:

  • Help you identify areas where alliances would be useful, and spot suitable potential alliance partners
  • Identify potential relationships with other Association Concepts clients
  • Cement and maintain appropriate alliances
  • Identify, implement and monitor key strategic initiatives

Businesses have known of, and benefited from, strong strategic alliances for many years now.  Working together, we can help you realize the same benefits for your Association.


To foster the smooth and effective operation of our clients, we offer standard facilities and technological amenities, including:

  • A convenient location with two meeting rooms (boardroom and library), available at no charge to clients
  • Live reception during normal business hours, and an auto-attendant after hours
  • Standard office equipment – facsimile, photocopier, scanner and mailing machine
  • A local area network with secured servers, redundant back-ups, and regularly updated desktop operating systems and software
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response to all enquiries, from whatever source
  • Website hosting, custom e-mail addresses, virtual boardrooms and redundant back-ups for everything
  • On-line surveys and, when appropriate for your association, use of social networking tools

Technology and facilities may not seem important, but an attractive, convenient Association office presents the correct image for your organization, and sound technology helps provide the core of our service to you.


Administrative support is the underpinning of good Association management because it is often the most visible and consistent contact your members and others have with your organization.  We ensure that:

  • All e-mails, letters and phone calls receive a courteous, professional response within 24 hours – guaranteed
  • All work, including correspondence, is accurate, correct and timely
  • You have access to a centralized mailing address, telephone answering, communications and meeting facilities
  • All notices, whether to government, Directors, members or other stakeholders, are sent in a timely manner and in accordance with governing legislation, by-laws and Association policies
  • Financial issues are professionally and expeditiously handled
  • All staff time is tracked and reported to you monthly
  • Membership information packages are sent within 48 hours of receipt of a membership enquiry, and all such enquiries are available to be followed-up by the Association