Program Development & Promotion

A successful program is the major “take-away” for your participants – it is what they come for and what they want: an enjoyable time and a learning experience. 

Program Development and Management

We have been helping Associations stage stellar programs since 1967, whether the programs are designed for 6 or 6,000.  Find out how we can assist you by:

  • Negotiating and confirming speakers’ participation, honouraria, A/V requirements and other details
  • Working with multiple speakers (we have coordinated as many as 90 speakers and 20 session chairs for a single event) to ensure flawless presentation
  • Archiving presentations for your website
  • Developing and distributing speaker packages confirming all details for each speaker
  • Identifying and negotiating with entertainers, if desirable – fees, perks, dates and times
  • Arranging off-site events – tours, luncheons, dinners, etc. – for guests and/or companions
  • Develop, design and print promotional material and signage

Make sure your program is memorable for all the right reasons.  Let us show you the Association Concepts Way to program development and management.

Themed and Other Special Events

Themes are of two types:

  • Topically-themed events, which tie all individual presentations/speakers together and relate them to an issue of concern for your members/participants.  These help show your awareness of those issues and offer a key opportunity to stage an event which is directly relevant to all guests, whether members or not
  • Fun-themed events, such as Association anniversaries, “night at the races” or themed galas; these can sometimes be extended to the entire program, but are generally limited to the social events surrounding the program.  They provide an opportunity for all guests to enjoy themselves in a particularly memorable way

A theme can lift your event so it stands above the vast majority of similar programs, making its promotion easier and building stronger memories for all guests.  A significant amount of work goes into the creation of such a successful event:

  • Decision of the kind of themed event you want
  • Identification and design of an appropriate theme
  • Ensuring all components of the event reflect the theme correctly
  • Making sure all speakers tie in to the theme, where required
  • Arranging a suitable venue, if the theme is tied to a venue
  • Providing speakers, entertainers, photographers and other related individuals
  • Arranging décor, favours and/or memorabilia supportive of the theme
  • Designing all preliminary and on-site programs and materials to be consistent with the theme as well as your core message

We have many years experience making special events truly special.  Let us bring our “magic” touch to your upcoming program.

Event Promotion

There is no point in planning a stellar event if no one knows about it.  Getting the word out to your members and other stakeholders is another area where we can help by:

  • Developing an overall promotional plan that ties into your overarching organizational promotion and marketing
  • Designing, developing and publishing promotional materials, including brochures, catalogues (if appropriate), flyers, e-blasts, media releases and advertisements
  • Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc.)
    to promote your event
  • Designing, developing and publishing a preliminary and/or on-site program

We work closely with your Conference or Event Committee to ensure the successful promotion of your event.  Let us help you by using both tried and true and cutting-edge techniques and media to build excitement around, and bring participants to, your event.