Association Management

Well-managed Associations have top-flight policy and parliamentary advisory services. They are a cornerstone of good governance and compliance with legislative mandates.


Sound, well-defined policies are essential to moving your organization forward.  They are a key ingredient in many of your day-to-day activities, and assist your Association in being well-governed.  Our experts assist you by:

  • Identifying and developing policies in key areas
  • Developing terms of reference for your Board and Committees
  • Creating job descriptions for key staff members and Officers
  • Making use of our databank of already-developed policies from other clients to save you time and money
  • Working with you to develop and implement key operational procedures, such as processing new member applications
  • Preparing and supervising the use of a Policy and Procedures manual

All our Senior staff have extensive experience in this area, so you can work with your Executive or Operations Director with confidence in their ability to meet your needs and those of your Association.  With a sound policy base, you are well on your way to success as an organization.

Parliamentary Services

The little things get noticed when they are not handled properly.  Many of the so-called little things are involved in parliamentary procedure.  Properly managed, sound parliamentary procedure can ensure your organization is compliant with government regulations.  This is especially important as many jurisdictions in Canada are expanding the role of governance and compliance in their revised legislation governing the non-profit sector.  Let us help you by:

  • Reviewing and amending by-laws to ensure you are, and remain, compliant with your Association’s governing legislation
  • Keeping your Letters Patent or Articles of Incorporation updated, and guiding any changes through the Ministerial approval process when necessary
  • Managing your elections process to ensure it is clean and transparent, and meets government standards
  • Providing parliamentary support to meeting Chairs to ensure meetings are legally constituted and conducted, and minutes and motions are accurate and compliant in form with best practices
  • Making the necessary filings and complying with requests from government or members for appropriate supporting documentation when necessary

Between your Executive or Operations Director and our expert support staff, we can ensure your requirements in this area are met, and your organization is a paragon of best practices.