Association Management

Using the Association Concepts System, there is no reason not to have successful meetings.  Find out for yourself – contact us today!

Board & Meeting Management

Meetings are necessary to the operation of an Association. Whether they be meetings of Boards or Committees, or the Annual General Meeting, you want them to run smoothly so participants can concentrate on the work they have at hand. Meetings that are not properly organized and supported can cause inefficiencies, waste participants' time, and, in the worst cases, result in confusion, conflict and, ultimately, poor or no decisions being taken. The Association could grind to a halt. Yet, we have had experience helping meetings run smoothly since 1967, and make it look simple.

Board and Committee Meeting Support

When the meeting is well-organized, and the information needed is at hand, your Board and Committees can make good decisions to advance the work of the Association.  We help by:

  • Organizing meeting logistics, obtaining favourable rates from teleconference providers, hotels and other venues
  • Providing a virtual boardroom to ensure materials are readily available to all participants and reduce the meeting’s ecological footprint
  • Posting all materials to the virtual boardroom in a timely manner
  • Assisting with the identification and preparation of meeting reports
  • Providing staff reports for all meetings on actions taken by your team
  • Recording, preparing and circulating meeting minutes or notes in a timely fashion once approved by the meeting Chair

By using our services and putting your meetings on the Association ConceptsSystem, you can reap the rewards in better decisions and a smoothly-functioning organization.

Annual General and Other Meeting Management

Your Annual General Meeting is an important opportunity for you to communicate with members, and to involve them in the governance of your Association.  It is also, of course, a legal requirement.  We can help you make it, and other meetings, successful by:

  • Looking after all meeting logistics, including venue, catering, hotel and tools for electronic participation (if desired and necessary)
  • Ensuring your meeting complies with your governing legislation and best practices in governance
  • Managing your elections process, including proxies, in accordance with the governing legislation and your by-laws and policies
  • Preparing and distributing a notice of meeting and the necessary support materials (agenda, audited or reviewed financial statements, etc.)
  • Attending the meeting and recording, preparing and circulating minutes (after they have been Chair approved)